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15th anniversary of Independence Day of the Republic of Timor-Leste

On 20 May 2017, CVTL together with the Medical Military F-FDTL, PNTL, Ambulance, provided on First Aid assistance on the 15th anniversary of Independence Day of the Republic of Timor-Leste in Tasi Tolu Comoro Dili  


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The 4th National Youth Assembly

On May 11-12 2017, joining the National Youth Assembly, which was held at the John Paul II Comoro Dili, for two days 11-12 May 2017

The participant was from 12 municipalities and include the region of Oekusi, each region delegated their representation of a women with a man to vote.

The candidates were elected from four regions

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Prime Minister inaugurated water in the village Mausoi Fahite Liqueça

Loron 11 fulan-Marsu, 2017, Primeiru-Ministru Timor-Leste Dr. Rui Maria De Araújo hamutuk ho CVTL inagura sistema abastesimentu bee mo’os iha Aldeia Mausoi/Fahite, Suco Tibar, postu-administrativu Bazartete, Munisípiu Liquiça.

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Volunteers go door-to-door to contain dengue outbreak in Timor-Leste

By Zayne D'Crus, Australian Red Cross

When Pascoela Da Cruz’s four-year-old son suddenly developed a rash and high fever, she didn’t hesitate to take him to hospital. Pascoela completed a dengue-awareness training with the Red Cross in 2013, and the symptoms lookedRead More


Red Cross volunteers play a key role in dengue prevention in Timor Leste

Ana Bonifacio was 16-years old when she decided to join the Red Cross of Timor-Leste, also know as Cruz Vermelha de Timor-Leste (CVTL). “I wanted to be on the frontline, serving my community,” she says. “I saw what my brother was doing as a volunteer and it inspired me.”

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