It is nearly three weeks since Timor-Leste was hit with devastating floods leaving over 42 people dead and thousands of people displaced and forced to live in camps. CVTL has had many generous donations and we thought we should share the work we are doing.

As always – all Red Cross programs and activities are guided by our seven Fundamental Principles: - Humanity, Impartiality, Neutrality, Independence, Voluntary Service, Unity and Universality. With these at the heart of everything we do – we are guided by the bigger long-term focus of Disaster Risk Reduction and mitigation.

CVTL is working in the IDP (Internally Displaced People) Camps with our partners. We are working with pregnant women and mothers. We strongly encourage breast feeding of young babies. While we have had many generous donations including formula and condensed milk – we use this for older children as it is so important that women continue to feed their babies on breast milk. We are providing clean drinking water at the camps, as well shelter and bedding. With our partners, we have set up spot lights throughout the camp so women and children feel safe when going to the toilet or bathing. We have set up psych-social support particularly for women and children because of such a traumatic event. We are encouraging nutritional food to be eaten in the camps – including beans, eggs, chicken and vegetables.

CVTL continues to provide Risk Reduction awareness to the community. WE continue to do search and rescue; and we are continuing to assess that clean drinking water, water for washing and latrines where are needed – as so much of this basic infrastructure was destroyed by the floods.

Every day – a Taskforce under the Secretary of State for Civil Protection – meet in the morning, to report back on what work is being done and what problems are being faced – so that everyone is talking to each other and there is a clear understanding of what needs to be done.

There are thousands and thousands of people affected by the floods – AND in the midst of the COVID Pandemic. It is overwhelming.

CVTL staff and volunteers, as with our partners are working tirelessly to get through such a difficult disaster. We thank all the donations we have received both small and large – as they are all helping keep people alive and try to get through this situation as well as we can.

CVTL are working with partners who are willing to alleviate the suffering of the community in Timor-Leste