Training of Trainers for F-FDTL Instructors on INTERNATIONAL HUMANITARIAN LAW

On September 26, – 4 October 2017, the ICRC (International Committee of Red Cross) provides Training of Trainers for F-FDTL Instructors on INTERNATIONAL HUMANITARIAN LAW. Training will be conducted in Dili with 15 participants. The training was opened by the F-FDTL Chief of Staff, Colonel Falur Rate Laek. The training is delivered by Mr. Paul Baker, the ICRC Regional Delegate for Armed FoRead More

CVTL 17th Anniversary Talk Show RTTL June 2017

CVTL 17th Anniversary Talk Show RTTL June 2017 On 19th of June, 2017 - CVTL had a talk show on RTTL with the President of CVTL Jose Pereira da Concenção, Ministry of Solidarity Social - Director - Agustiho Cosme Belo, and Xefi Suku Atudara, Bobonaro -  Manuel Ximenes as part of the 17th Anniversary of CVTL (22nd June). Read More

The 4th National Youth Assembly

On May 11-12 2017, joining the National Youth Assembly, which was held at the John Paul II Comoro Dili, for two days 11-12 May 2017 The participant was from 12 municipalities and include the region of Oekusi, each region delegated their representation of a women with a man to vote. The candidates were elected from four regions 1st regions: Lospalos, Baucau, Viqueque RegiRead More

First Aid Basic Training to ETO (Esperança Timor Oan)

On 10-12 April 2017 CVTL has provided first aid training to ETO (Esperança Timor Oan) Fuel station staff in Hera during 3 days. The participants were very enthusiasm on this training since they could improve their knowledge on First Aid. The training has been provided by CVTL trainers. Total of Participants 22 M = 19 F= 3Read More

CVTL ho nia Parseiru The Promise no Koica Inagura Bee Mo’os iha Suco Leotela Suco Asumanu

Cruz Vermelha de Timor Leste (CVTL) ho Doador Koica no The Promise hala’o inagurasaun bee mo’os iha Suco Asumanu no Suco Leotela iha Postu Administrativu Bazartete Municipiu Liquiça.  Ba projeto be ne’ebé inagura ona ne’e servisu hamutuk ho komunidade sira no mós apoiu husi doador sira mak Koica no The Promise ho orsamento ba projeto ne&Read More